conference on ABC of collaboration

Discordia: a call for participation

Presentation at University of Queensland

Eyestorm, an Exchange with Dylan Evans on "Science: Life or Beyond?"

Presentation at MOCA, Los Angeles

Interview by Francois Laureys (Radio Netherlands)

Transcripts from the February 1999 panel with Jordan Crandall, Alex Galloway and Geert Lovink

Revolting Temporary Media Lab, Manchester

Critique of Transhumanism

Electronic Solitude, Hybrid Media Lounge #1

Crack the Binary Code

Program of the Code Red Lecture Tour

Lecture at Documenta X/Hunderd Days

Online Gespraech mit Tilman Baumgaertel ueber "nettime-free"

Von der spekulativen Medientheorie zur Netzkritik

Net Criticism, with Pit Schultz

Radio Report of 1995 Venice Bienale nettime meeting

Strategies for Media Activism

Participation in the Online Debate of Entertainment Art Technology

Media Ethiek, bijdrage aan het forum The Power of Culture

Data Trash: Theorie der Virtuellen Klasse

Including an Interview with GL by Tilman Baumgaertel

New Media Art: New Forms of Production Dissemination and Reception of Art Disciplines