Interview with Lisa Parks

Out There: Exploring Satellite Awareness

Exchange with Brazilian Tropica Magazine

Interview with Geert Lovink

New Media, Art and Science

Explorations beyond the Official Discourse

Tactical Media, the Second Decade

Preface to the Brazilian Submidialogia publication

Dawn of the Organized Networks

Written for Fibreculture Journal 5

vacarme interview by michel feher

net culture & organized networks

Interview with Nomeda & Gediminas

Hacking Public Spaces in Vilnius — Politics of a new media space inside the Lietuva (soviet) cinema

Interview with Interview with Milton Mueller, part III

Trial and Error in Internet Governance — ICANN, WSIS and the making of a global civil society.

Interview with Geert Lovink (March 2005)

For the BALSAS online magazine

Interview with Jill Magid

Surveillance and Seduction — Surveillance, Performance, Self-Surveillance

Interview with Jeanette Hofmann

Open Ends: Civil Society and Internet Governance. Interview with German policy expert, Jeanette Hofmann.

Interview with Lisa Nakamura

Race and Cyberspace

Interview with Ken Jordan

ASN: Reinventing Social Networks

A Grammer of Free Cooperation

For the Free Cooperation Newspaper

Interview by Rodrigo Garcia

For a Spanish website

Notes on the State of Networking

For Make World #4 paper, February 2004

Interview with Frank Hartmann

Dialogue on Media Philosophy. Discipline Design: The Rise of Media Philosophy An Email Exchange with Frank Hartmann (Vienna)

Interview with Stephen Marshall

Guerrilla News Network’s Digital Documentaries

Interview with Milton Mueller

Trail and Error in Internet Governance ICANN, WSIS and the making of a global civil society.

conference on ABC of collaboration

Buffalo, NY, April 24-25 2004

Reverse Engineering Freedom

The Revolution Will Be Metatagged

Interview with Anna Munster

Essays into Digital Aesthetics

Interview with Christoph Spehr

Science Fiction for the Multitudes

Discordia: a call for participation

join the new collaborative weblog

Interview with Wolfgang Ernst

Archive Rumblings

Interview with Janos Sugar


Interview with Geert Lovink

On Internet Censorship

Interview with Geert Lovink

On the occasion of the publication of the Italian translation of Dark Fiber

The Technology of News

For the Visual Power Project

Interview with Geert Lovink

For Flirt Magazine, Lisbon

Interview with Geert Lovink

For La Repubblica, November 2002

We know what we don’t want, but what do we want?

Review of George Monbiot, The Age of Consent: A Manifesto for a New World Order, London: Flamingo, 2003 (published in the US by The New Press, early 2004).

Interview with Geert Lovink

For the Russian Legalization Campaign

A Virtual World is Possible

From Tactical Media to Digital Multitudes

Interview with Michael Goldberg

Catching a Falling Knife

Interview with Geert Lovink

For the Release of Dark Fiber

Visit to Sarai New Media Centre

Dehli, October 2002

Tactical Media after 911

Intro for the Virtual Case Book

Beyond the Conceptual Wall

Answer to Trebor Scholz (see below)

Mapping the Limits of New Media

Contribution for Afterimage

A Ramble through Theories of Globalization


TechnoGenerationalism, the Latest Escape

Review of Michael Lewis - The Future Just Happened

Interview with Thomas Frank

About One Market Under God

Interview with Neil Chenoweth

About his book Virtual Murdoch

Interview with Mieke Gerritzen

Browserdays and other Design ventures. Five Browserdays Later – An Interim Report

Interview with Micz Flor

Tactics of Streaming. Streaming media artist and activist

The Network Society and its Reality Romantics

On Hubert Dreyfus' On the Internet

Designing the Digital Commons

From Techno-Optimism to Aspirational Criticism

Remarks on Brenda Laurel's Utopian Entrepreneur

Interview with Doug Henwood

Finance and Economy After the Dotcom Crash

Interview with Charles Green

Art of Collaboration

Interview with Geert Lovink

For Bard College Journal

Interview for RAI

Autonomy Design

From Hope and Fear Set Free

Interview with Toshiya Ueno

Urban Techno Tribes and the Japanese Recession. Interview with Japanese Techno-Critic Toshiya Ueno

Interview with Peter Lunenfeld

Enemy of Nostalgia, Victim of the Present, Critic of the Future. Californian media theorist Peter Lunenfeld

Interview with Interview with Kevin Murray

Interview with Edi Muka August (2001 interview)

Tirana, Summer 2001. An Ungoing Exchange with Edi Muka

Interview with Ilya Eric Lee

E-mail exchange with Ilya Eric Lee, Taipei/Taiwan

The Rise and Fall of Dotcommania

"I have no opinion--and just continue shopping." Genc Greva

The New Actonomy

Interview with Stefan Merten

The Bandwidth Dilemma

Internet stagnation after Dotcom.mania

Report of the opening of Sarai

Sarai, the new media centre in Delhi, India

Disassociate Webdesign from Usability

a nielson critique

Interview with Shu Lea Chang

E-mail Exchange with Shu Lea Cheang

Interview with Mark Davis

Fear and Anxiety between the Generations. Culture Wars in Australia - and Elsewhere

Interview with Boris Groys

German Art Critic and Media Theorist

An Exchange with Molly Hankwitz

For the Globalization issue of Mesh

Interview for M/C Review

Interview with Catherine Lumby

"The Dichotomy of Pleasure and Power is Too Simple". Critiques on Contemporary Media Moralism

self interview

The Art of Electronic Dialogue A Self-Interview as introduction to Geert Lovink, Uncanny Networks, In Dialogue with the Virtual Intelligentsia, The MIT Press, 2002.

Amsterdam Public Digital Culture 2000

On the Contradictions Among Users Profiles (with Patrice Riemens)

Interview with Edi Muka

Implosion, media and the arts in Albania. A series of interviews with Eduard Muka

Interview with Kodwo Eshun

"Everything was to be done. All the adventures are still there." A Speculative Dialogue with Kodwo Eshun

Interview with Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

In: Geert Lovink, Uncanny Networks, MIT Press 2003.

Closed Networks in an Open Society (Plus Interview)


Interview with Frank Hartmann

Beyond the dualism of image and text. An interview with the Viennese media philosopher Frank Hartmann

Sweet Erosions of E-mail

Ups and Downs on the Communication Front

Presentation at University of Queensland

Interview for Frakcija, Croatia

Museum Europe

an Exchange with Peter Lunenfeld

Interview with Marita Liulia

Art in the Age of the Mobile Phone - Text Messages from Finland

Eyestorm, an Exchange with Dylan Evans on “Science: Life or Beyond?”

Interview for Viennese anti-Haider site

Interview with Calin Dan

SubReal and Romanian new media arts

Presentation at MOCA, Los Angeles

Including discussion with DeeDee Halleck and Sara Diamond, MOCA, Los Angeles

The Importance of Meetspace

A Manual for Temporary Media Labs

Recent Futures: TAZ, Wired and the Internet

An Early History of 90s Cyberculture

921 Aftershock – a Taiwan Travelogue

Post-earthquack strategies of Independent Media

Network Criticism in Times of the e-Gold-rush

Extend your cozy feeling. Baleno advertisement Modern Revival Evolution - Inevitable Inspiration in Different Culture - Beyond in Mundane Thought. Bossini T-shirt

Relaxed Stagnation

Diederichsen, Bolz, Kurz and the German Cultural Condition

Fragments of Network Criticism

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roast

Organizing Attention (with Matthew Fuller)

Bordercamp of the No One is Illegal Campaign

Report from the German-Polish Bordercamp, August 1999

War in the Age of Internet

Some thoughts and reports, Kosov@ Spring, 1999

Interview for Radek (Russia)

Interview with Richard Stallman

Free Software guru — An interview with Richard Stallman Wizards of OS, Berlin

Report of the Berlin Free Software Conference

Berlin Conference on Free Software: Wizards of OS

E-mail exchange with Novica Nakov (Skopje)

E-mail Interview with Geert Lovink (Amsterdam)

Interview with Andrej Mrackoviski

Andrej Mrackoviski: Winner of the Brower Competition 1999 Review + Interview

DEF of Tactical Media (together with David Garcia)

Written for the Next Five Minutes 3 Catalogue

Interview with McKenzie Wark

Everyday Life, Third Nature and the Third Class. An Email Exchange With Australian media theorist McKenzie Wark

Interview for Rhizome

Hacking Activism An Email Dialogue Between Alex Galloway and Geert Lovink

Transcripts from the February 1999 panel with Jordan Crandall, Alex Galloway and Geert Lovink


Interview with Jonathan Peizer

Ins and Outs of the Soros Internet Program in Former Eastern Europe. An E-Mail Exchange with Jonathan Peizer

Net.times, not Swatch Time

A Corporate Attempt to Set a New Time Standard

Mass Psychology of the Net

Ode to a Vanished Discipline

Interview with Lev Manovich

Digital Constructivism: What Is European Software? An Exchange with Lev Manovich

Interview with Mongrel

National Heritage and the Natural Selection Search Engine

Network Fears and Desires

Some Strategies to Overcome the Malaise

Revolting Temporary Media Lab, Manchester

Net Criticism 2.0

An Exchange with Ted Byfield

Critique of Transhumanism

Albania: Culture after the Breakdown

Including Interviews with Edi Rama and Edi Muka. A Travelogue, June 1998

Interview with Paul Garrin

Digital City Establishes Itself

At the cross-road of liberty and politics The Amsterdam Digital City gets established by Geert Lovink

Interview with I/O/D

makers of the webstalker browser

Electronic Solitude, Hybrid Media Lounge #1

Interview with Kuan-Hsing Chen

Politics and Cultural Studies in Interasia Interview with Kuan-Hsing Chen Taipei, december 20, 1997

Interview with Janos Sugar

Intermedia: The Dirty Digital Bauhaus — An e-mail interview with Janos Sugar (Budapest)

An Introduction to the Political Economy Debate

For the Hungarian Intermedia Bulldozer Reader

Crack the Binary Code

Program of the Code Red Lecture Tour

The Digital Manifesto

On Temporary Workspaces, August 1997

At Hybrid Workspace, July 1997

Interview with Geert Lovink, for the French Pajol website Recorded in Kassel on the 4th of July, 1997

An Exchange with Micz Flor

tactical media revisited Micz Flor in conversation with Geert Lovink

Lecture at Documenta X/Hunderd Days

Interview with Hartmut Winkler

The Computer: Medium or Calculating Machine? Geert Lovink meets Hartmut Winkler

Interview with Ravi Sundaram

About the Brazilianization of India An Interview with Ravi Sundaram (Delhi)

Net Criticism, with Pit Schultz

Slaves of the Cyber-Market

Interview with Slavoj Zizek

Slovenian philosopher — Civil Society, Fanaticism, and Digital Reality

Radio Report of 1995 Venice Bienale nettime meeting

Strategies for Media Activism

In: Trace, The Culture & Technology Journal

Participation in the Online Debate of Entertainment Art Technology

Hosted by the Walker Art Center

Including an Interview with GL by Tilman Baumgaertel

New Media Art: New Forms of Production Dissemination and Reception of Art Disciplines

The Digital City Evolves and Erodes

For the m-cult website (new media culture in Finland)

Friedrich Kittler’s Dracula’s Vermaechtnis

Review of Friedrich Kittler, Dracula's Vermaechtnis Reclam Verlag Leipzig, Band-1476, 1993, ISBN-3-379-01476-1, German-text, DM22

Interview with George Legrady

Michael Heim’s Metaphysics of Virtual Reality

Review of Michael Heim., The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality Oxford University Press, New York 1993, ISBN 0 19 508178 1, English text, 175 pp., $21

Ostranenie 1993

Review of Ostranenie, Catalogue of the 1. international video festival at the Bauhaus, Dessau. Gropiusallee 38, 06846 Dessau BRD, ISBN 3 910115 53 5. German and English-text, 497 pp.

Interview with Tjebbe van Tijen (English version)

archivist, activist, media artist

Harmut Winkler’s Switching – Zapping

Geert Lovink...Switching-- Zapping...MM 8#1...Review Review of Switching -- Zapping by Hartmut Winkler, Verlag Juergen Haeusser Frankfurter Strasse 64, 6100 Darmstadt, 1991, ISBN-3-927902-55-1, German text, 166 pp.

Howard Rheingold’s Virtual Community

Review of The Virtual Community, Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier A William Patrick Book/Addison Wesley, ISBN-0-201-60870-7, English text, 325 pp., $22.95

Interview with Tjebbe van Tijen

Unbombing & Ars Memoria — An interview with Tjebbe van Tijen